About Bangs

Formed in 1878, BANGS is one of Denmark’s oldest manufactures of high-quality preserves and marmalades. A very high content of fruit, and careful production after traditional homemade recipes have been the key concepts behind the production of BANGS marmalades and preserves for more than 135 years.

That is how it all started in 1878, in downtown Copenhagen, when Christian Wad Bang established the company, and that is how things remained more than 100 years later, when the founder’s grandson, Bent Wad Bang, in the 1980’s retained the tradition of making high quality preserves.

And that is how it is today.

BANGS marmalades and drinks have never become industrial products. They remain handmade products of a very high quality, made from the very best fruit.
In 2000 we gently made some changes,  modernising the production and packaging while respecting the products and the brand.
Today our product assortment includes 15 different kinds of preserves and marmalades.

The latest new product is our Ginger Shot which we introduced in 2015.

Tradition and Innovation

Some things however, have not been changed, e.g. our cold prepared marmalades with their high content of fresh citrus fruits and their exquisite taste.
These marmalades are special and part of what distinguishes BANGS from other manufactures. We emphasize quality, taste, flavour and color, and we combine them to give you a taste experience, and the complete sense of good taste.
BANGS continues to add new dimensions to the classic preserves and marmalades. We continually introduce new varieties and we have a wide assortment of specialities. You will normally find BANGS and preserves in speciality shops and well-assorted department stores.
After 135 years, we still have a promising future ahead of us!

BANGS  – the fruit of good taste!