Today, we are very aware of what we eat and what effect it has on our well being and health. For that reason an interest on particularly ginger and cranberries has increased significantly among consumers.

BANGS Ginger drink with cranberries is an extract of ginger root in water and cranberry juice. Our ginger drink is made with no added sugar, and exclusively sweetened with Stevia rebaudiana – a sweetener extracted from the stevia plants leaves. This means that the energy content is very low, which will delight diabetics. The taste is fresh and intense.

BANGS Ginger Drink with cranberries is ready to drink from the bottle, but can also be enjoyed as a shot or be diluted with juice or water. We cannot give scientific guarantee that ginger has effect on all consumers, but we recommend that you try it out in a period of for example 2-3 weeks with a daily dose of a small glass (about 8 cl.).

Ingefær drik med tranebær2


Stevia is a sweetener extracted from the Stevia plant leaves. Stevia rebaudiana, as the plant is called, comes from South America, where it has been used to sweeten food and drink for several generations.

Steviol glycosides, as a sweetener called, sweetens about 300 times as much as regular sugar, but contains almost no calories (energy).
The use of this natural sweetener was authorized in the EU in 2011.