More Fruit   Less Sugar    No Preservatives – in BANGS marmalades and preserves.

The uniqueness of BANGS is the high fruit content and the quality of our raw materials.

For example, the cold prepared marmalade with a high fruit content has a delicious fresh taste. It is something special and unique to BANGS.

We emphasize quality, taste, aroma and color – that is the what nature itself has given to the berries and fruit.

1st class fruit quality gives the best flavor experience. It provides a great taste experience!



The high quality creates a tasteful interaction because the quality is always top notch.

Handmade jams and marmalades with respect for the raw material is a good term for products from BANGS. We decide what we put in our marmalades and jams. The fruit content and the processing method are important factors when we make our preserves and marmalades.

This requires a high degree of skill, care and experience to obtain the desired result. Our marmalades and jams have a visible high content of whole pieces of fruit and berries with a creamy texture, soft and easy spreadeable – not solid and stiff!

We are careful about maintaining the fruit and berries fresh taste and aroma in the final product. Our cold prepared marmalade require careful and precise handling to succeed.

Cold prepared marmalade has a lovely fresh fruit taste, but it also requires fruit of superior quality. Every fruit is checked by hand.


We do not add preservatives to our jams and marmalades. Instead, we have chosen to pasteurise. Thereby, we avoid chemicals in our preserves, and we use real lemon juice instead of citric acid.

However, pasteurization gives the product limited durability after it has been opened. Use a clean spoon and keep the jar in the fridge after opening with the lid properly closed. Doing so, the jar should keep for approx. 2 weeks after opening.

The high fruit content in BANGS preserves enhances the lovely taste in the final product. The fruit content is between 45% and 70% (weight). As an example, in our cold prepared orange marmalade we use 60 kg fresh oranges to produce 100 kg  marmalade.

BANGS – the fruit of good taste!