Ingefærdrik med gurkemeje

Bangs økologiske ingefærdrik med gurkemeje

Vores vinterdrik med få kalorier uden kunstige sødestoffer

98 cl


Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean we can’t feel fuzzy inside. That’s at least the idea behind this ginger and turmeric drink and why we have blended a cold brewed tea based on stevia infusion with ginger, turmeric, carrots and orange to make it hit the perfect spot. Both in terms of taste og in terms of natural ingredients. Mix it with water or soda or drink it just the way it is, straight from the bottle.

Vand, *ingefær (Peru) (20%), *appelsinjuice fra koncentrat, *gulerodsjuice fra koncentrat, *citronjuice fra koncentrat, *gurkemeje (4%), *stevia infusion
Energi31 kJ/7kcal
Fedt0 g
– heraf mættede fedtsyrer0 g
Kulhydrater1,7 g
– heraf sukkerarter1,2 g
Protein0,1 g
Salt0 g