Functional drinks

Shot+ – Bangs range of functional drinks

We are immensely proud to introduce Shot+, a range of ready-made functional drinks from Bangs containing a balance of nature’s most powerful nutrients that help to keep mind and body balanced. Today, more than ever, people are aware of how their lifestyle and diet affects their health and wellbeing, and the covid-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the way we approach this subject. By improving your health, you can improve your general quality of life and there is an increasing demand for products that can help support this goal. This can explain why functional drinks currently are the fastest growing subcategory of beverages. With our energy, collagen and vitamin boosting functional beverages, we want to offer a tasty, convenient, and quick way to help you boost your health and wellbeing.

One convenient 60 ml shot to cover it all

With just one tasty 60 ml shot, you can get the nutrients your body needs to help feel and look your absolute best. For those days you feel tired and sluggish, our energy shot with 75 mg of caffeine, ginseng, biotin, niacin, and vitamin C will help to give you an instant energy boost with a delicious taste of pineapple, ginger, and orange. For those looking for healthier skin and bones our collagen shot will have you covered with the exotic taste of orange, mango, and lemon. And for plant-based eaters our vegan supplement with a fresh taste of orange, lemon, and apple will ensure you get all the vitamins you might be missing. No matter what your needs are, our functional drinks are here to offer you an easy way to achieve your health goals.

Functional drinks based on delicious juices

Bangs Shot+ are functional shots based on juices, which makes them both tasty to drink and conveniently concentrated. That means that you don’t have to drink a whole bottle of sugary water in order to get the benefits you’re really after. One single 60 ml shot is all you need to get the energy, collagen or vitamin boost you crave. Add it to your smoothie in the morning, drink it on the go during the day or just grab it whenever it’s convenient for you and get ready to feel the benefits from our shot+ range of functional drinks.

Functional beverages produced in Denmark

All the functional beverages in our Shot+ range are produced in Denmark ensuring safe and high-quality products that are fresh and better for the environment.

Packaging and shelf life of our functional shots

Our functional shots are available in a handy 60 ml bottle which is perfect on the go and it is made from PP so that it can be recycled when you’re done enjoying your shot. The shelf life of our functional shots before opening is 12 months from production date, and the shelf life after opening is 3-5 days refrigerated (5°C).

The handy 60 ml shots are available in shelf ready trays with 25 shots or on quarter pallet displays.