Collagen shot

A tasty and convenient collagen drink

60 ml dietary supplement

Collagen shots – making skin better from within

Collagen drinks have been getting a lot of buzz lately thanks to the many benefits of the main ingredient: collagen. Collagen is naturally occurring in the body, helping to give the tissues and muscles strength and shape, and to give the skin elasticity, keeping it smooth and supple – think of it as the glue holding everything in place. As we age our natural collagen levels decrease, causing the skin to look dull and saggy over time. A tasty sip of Bangs collagen shot tops up the collagen levels, helping to avoid the negative effects on the body before they occur.

How do collagen shots work?

Collagen drinks contain hydrolyzed collagen, typically extracted from animal sources. By drinking the collagen, the nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream faster and are ready to work their magic! Once in the bloodstream, the collagen peptides help to trigger the body’s own natural collagen production, making the skin plumper, firmer, and lit-from-within.

Bangs collagen shot: Shaken, not stirred

Bangs ready-made collagen shots are a tasty and quick way to top up collagen levels on the go. We know that time is precious, which is why Bangs’ pre-mixed collagen shots are ready to drink straight from the bottle. No need to stir, just shake it and enjoy – it’s as easy as that. One single 60 ml shot gives a full 5000 mg of collagen. The shot also contains vitamin C, an antioxidant  that contributes to the normal formation of collagen for normal functioning of skin and bones.  The collagen in this collagen shot is based on bovine collagen (from cows), exceedingly high in collagen and easily digestible.

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Water, mango puree, orange concentrate, collagen, lemon concentrate, vitamin C.

Vitamin C39 mg
Collagen5000 mg
Energy207 kJ/47 kcal
Fat<0,5 g
– of which saturates<0,1 g
Carbohydrates5,8 g
– of which sugars4,8 g
Protein5,8 g
Salt0,2 g