Marmalade and jam

Bangs marmalades and jams – packed with real-fruit goodness

Tingle your taste buds with our selection of marmalades made with whole pieces of fruit and completely free from artificial preservatives. The wide selection of unique flavors allows you to find your perfect match! Not only are they ideal for spreading on freshly made toast, they are also the ultimate addition to sauces and dressings to give a better balance between sweet and sour. You can also use them as fillings for homemade cookies, pastries, cakes or as the ideal condiment for a cheese platter.

Enjoy the taste of real fruit in every bit of our marmalade

Made with a minimum of 50% fruit, our marmalades and jams capture the fruit’s natural flavors for a rich, authentic taste. We’ve spent years perfecting our recipes, and carefully select the fruits and berries in every batch to ensure the perfect taste and texture. The chunks of whole fruit are cooked until soft and smooth, creating a perfectly thick texture for fruity and spreadable goodness to delight your palate.

Made in the EU with no preservatives

All our marmalades and jams are made in the EU, ensuring safe and high-quality products. They are also free from artificial preservatives which are usually added to foods to stop them from spoiling. However, some people choose to avoid the intake of artificial preservatives. At Bangs, we naturally preserve our marmalades and jams with sugar. While this gives them a shorter shelf-life of 14 days after opening, we have ensured they come in small 215 g jars that you’ll easily go through well before the expiration date, especially considering the fantastic flavor that you won’t want to miss out on. This can also help to limit food waste, as you won’t have to throw out half-filled jars. Better taste, convenient packaging, and less food waste – it’s truly a win-win-win situation!

A large variety of special and exciting marmalade flavors

As with all our products, we refuse to compromise on the taste of our marmalades. Our selection consists of classics such as raspberry jam and forest berry jam, and orange marmalade and bitter orange marmalade, but we’ve also gone out of our way to create some special and exciting flavors that you might not find elsewhere. Like the sweet and slightly sour plum and rhubarb jam, the versatile gooseberry jam, the fresh sea buckthorn jam, and the tangy rosehip jam. The vibrant, bittersweet ginger marmalade is a dream come true for ginger lovers, while the fresh flavor of lemon and lime marmalade will keep you coming back for more. During the festive season our Christmas jam, filled with berries and seasonal spices, will get you in the Holiday spirit!

Packaging and shelf life

Our delicious marmalades all come in 215 g glass jars with airtight metal caps and are available in shelf ready trays of 6 jars or quarter pallet displays.

The shelf life before opening is 18 months from productions date. After opening, they will last 14 days stored in the refrigerator at 5 °C.