Aronia ginger shots

Bangs organic aronia ginger shot

An aronia shot with only naturally occurring sugars

60 ml or 300 ml


With this aronia ginger shot: Welcome to the dark side! Well, we are just referring to the colour, so no need to worry. The colour and taste come from mixing the organic ginger with aronia berries, and then we add the final touch with organic apple, pear, rhubarb and lemon for that perfect balance.

*Apple concentrate (EU) (53%), *Peruvian ginger (21%), *pear concentrate, *aronia concentrate (9%), *rhubarb concentrate, *lemon *= organic

Energy183 kJ/43 kcal
Fat<0,2 g
– of which saturates0,1 g
Carbohydrates11,4 g
– of which sugars7,5 g
Protein0,4 g
Salt<0,1 g