Our journey

All stories have a beginning, and ours starts
in the working-class outskirts of Copenhagen in 1878.

All stories have a beginning, and ours starts in the working-class outskirts of Copenhagen in 1878.

Back then our founder Christian Wad Bang used his restless spirit to start BANGS Marmalade to serve the many families in the neighborhood.  

Not much is known about this time, but he must have done something right, because his recipes kept on selling. His business grew and 100 years later his grandchild Bent Wad Bang took over and expanded with new recipes and more products – but still with the same creed to always use as much fruit as possible.


Bangs car

Bangs continued to thrive, but when the day came when no one in the family could continue the family-business, another family with the same love for marmalades and nature offered to take over. Today father Ulrik Lehman and his two sons Frederik and Carl Gustav run Bangs under the original name, in respect for the heritage and everything Christian accomplished.

With fresh hearts, new ideas and recipes joined as well. And one of them turned out to be an unexpected success: our Ginger Shot. As the very first in Denmark, Bangs made little bottles of ginger shots that won the hearts and taste-buds of Danes and today it’s a product you find in the bags and fridges of both young and old – not just in Denmark, but across Europe as well, moving our small local brand on to the international stage. It’s a place we quite like, to be honest.

But it doesn’t stop here. Our story continues and the idea of high-quality products combined with constant innovation continues and will do so in the time that lies ahead.

Good in, good out

It’s quite simple, really.
No hocus pocus, trends or tricks:

If good goes in, good comes out.

That’s the belief behind Bangs.

It all starts with a good idea,
that requires the best ingredients,
that demands the utmost attention.
Add a dash of patience and a nip of persistence, and then, there it is:

Something we are truly proud of.

From marmalades, to drinks to whatever the future may hold, it is a mindset that is in everything we do, think or dream of:

Good in. Good out.

Same goes for the people who work here and the partners we work with; it’s only by picking the best, that we can do our best. It has been like this since 1878, and we intend to keep it this way, no matter what comes our way.