Ginger shots

Bangs ginger shots – organic and locally produced in Denmark

Get a boost of ginger with Bangs 100% organic ginger shots! Our shots are made in Denmark and are certified organic by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, meaning that every part of our production process complies with local regulations for organic production. This means that Bangs organic ginger shots do not contain any unnecessary additives. Better for you, better for our groundwater, and better for our planet!

High-quality ginger from Peru – full of goodness

We want to give you the full ginger experience which is why no sugar is added to any of our shots. Our lemon ginger shot, turmeric ginger shot and pomegranate ginger shot all contain only naturally occurring sugars from the fruits. All our ginger shots are based on organic, high-quality Peruvian ginger, known for its excellent quality thanks to the climate conditions and the soil it is grown in, which gives the ginger a spicier and zingier taste. Our beverages contain ginger that is “Not from concentrate” (NFC), meaning that we retain as much of the nutrition and characteristics of the raw ginger as possible to ensure a delicious, nutritious beverage.

Pasteurization for safe shots and increased shelf life

Our organic shots have been pasteurized which makes them safe for consumption and prolongs their shelf life. Pasteurization is a process in which the juice is mildly heated in order to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria and microbes that are naturally present in fresh fruit. By eliminating them, we can ensure that the juice stays fresh on the shelf for longer, helping us to avoid unnecessary food waste. It also means that you can consume our ginger shots without worrying about ingesting bacteria that could negatively impact your health. Pasteurization means that you can enjoy all the benefits from our shots in a safe and sustainable way.

Packaging and shelf life of our organic ginger shots

Our ginger shots are available in two convenient sizes: A handy 60 ml bottle which is perfect on the go, and a 300 ml bottle for those who just can’t get enough and want to keep it close at hand in their fridge at all times. Both bottles are made from PP and can be recycled. The handy 60 ml shots are available in shelf ready trays with 25 shots or on quarter pallet displays, while the 300 ml shots come in shelf ready trays with 9 shots or on quarter pallet displays.

The shelf life of our ginger shots before opening is 12 months at ambient temperatures from production date, and the shelf life after opening is 3-5 days refrigerated (5° C).