Organic drinks

Bangs organic drinks – full of flavor, but low in calories

Made exclusively from high-quality ingredients, our noncarbonated organic drinks are thirst-quenching treats that can be enjoyed on all occasions. They are based on three key components:

  • They are organic
  • They contain only naturally occurring sugars from the fruits
  • They are all either low in calories or sugar-free

With only around 8 kcal per 100 ml, they are the perfect alternative to traditional soft drinks, and a tastier alternative to pure water. The combination of organic, low-calorie drinks that taste great without any added artificial sweeteners is what makes Bangs organic drinks unique on the market.

Enjoy the great taste with fruit infusion

We’ve put all our passion and efforts into creating these organic, low-calorie drinks with no artificial sweeteners and we weren’t willing to compromise on taste. Some said it couldn’t be done, but at Bangs, we always find a way! Here’s how we did it: We started off by making a fruit infusion or, said more simply, a cold brewed tea with a natural, zero-calorie extract from the stevia plant. After that, we simply added our fresh, organic juice to the mixture, and voilà! Our delicious drinks were born.

Staying safe and fresh with pasteurization

Our ginger and lemon drink, pomegranate drink, ginger and turmeric drink and elderflower drink have all been pasteurized for your safety. Pasteurization is a process in which the beverage is mildly heated to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria and microbes naturally present in fresh fruit.  Through this process, we can ensure that the juice stays safe and fresh on the shelf for longer, so that we can avoid unnecessary food waste. With pasteurization, you can enjoy all the benefits from our organic drinks in a safe and sustainable way.

Organic drinks produced in Denmark

We are serious about organic and local production. So serious, in fact, that all our drinks are made in Denmark and are all certified organic by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, ensuring that all aspects of the production process comply with local regulations for organic production. When you buy our certified organic drinks, you can be certain that they just contain just pure goodness!

Packaging and shelf life of our drinks

Bangs organic drinks are available in convenient 98 cl bottles made from fully recyclable PET. They are available in shelf ready trays with 6 bottles or on quarter pallet displays. The shelf life of our drinks before opening is 12 months at ambient temperatures from production date, and after opening they stay fresh for 2 weeks in the fridge (5 °C).