Refreshment drinks

Satisfy your thirst with Bangs’ Organic Refreshments

Bring in the freshness with our Organic Refreshment drinks that taste as good as they make you feel. They are made from all-natural, organic ingredients, contain no added sugar, and make for a delicious, low-calorie beverage choice that you can enjoy at any time of the day, all year round.

Two natural flavors with no added sugar

The Organic Refreshment drinks are available in two fresh flavors: Lemon & Ginger and Pomegranate, Ginger & Cranberries. The two flavors are made from real fruit and are sweetened using only the natural sugars from the fruit. With no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or additives, these natural refreshments are an ideal alternative to sugary sodas and juices and a tastier alternative to pure water. Enjoy them any time – and stay refreshed!

Non-carbonated and ready to drink

The Organic Refreshments are best enjoyed chilled and are ready to drink straight from the bottle. They are non-carbonated, which means they are easy to drink for everyone and instantly quench your thirst. Even better, unlike carbonated drinks, these won’t go flat or lose their taste after opening. Just put the opened bottle back in the fridge and enjoy it whenever you need a refreshment.

Fresh and safe with pasteurization

Because our Organic Refreshments contain real fruit, they have been pasteurized for your safety. Pasteurization is a process in which the beverage is mildly heated to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria and microbes naturally present in fresh fruit. Through this process, we can ensure that the drinks are safe and that they stay fresh for longer so that you can always have a bottle ready in the fridge.

Organic drinks produced in Denmark

We are serious about organic and local production. That’s why our Organic Refreshment beverages are made in Denmark and are all certified organic by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, ensuring that all aspects of the production process comply with local regulations for organic production.

Refreshment in two sizes

The Organic Refreshment drinks are available in two sizes: 500 ml and 980 ml. The smaller size is perfect to grab when you need something refreshing on-the-go, while the bigger size not only contains more of the good stuff but is also ideal to store in the fridge and enjoy whenever you crave something revitalizing.

Both sizes come in bottles made of PET – a fully recyclable material – which makes it a sustainable choice for the sake of our planet.

Ready for it?

Are you ready to try something new and quench your thirst with Bangs’ Organic Refreshments? Find your local distributor today.