Lemon and lime marmalade

Lemon and lime marmalade

215 g

Lemon and lime. Not as sour as it sounds, because with the right love, care and years of perfection, we’ve made a marmalade you’ll return to again and again. It has a fresh taste that fits perfectly on your favourite bread and muffins.

Shelf life before opening: 18 months from production date.
Shelf life after opening (5ºC): 2 weeks.

Produced in EU.

Sugar (48%), water, lemon pulp (15%), lime pulp (11%), lemon juice (from concentrate), lime oil, thickening agent: Pectin

Energy746 kJ/176kcal
Fat0,5 g
– of which saturates0 g
Carbohydrates42 g
– of which sugars42 g
Protein0,2 g
Salt0 g