Bitter orange marmalade

Bitter orange marmalade

215 g

Not sweet. Not bitter. But right in between, is where this marmalade is. Made from tangy Spanish oranges and with many years of perfection, this is one of the owner’s favourites. Sure you can put it on toast and in muffins, but you could go the extra mile and add to a gingerbread.

Shelf life before opening: 18 months from production date.
Shelf life after opening (5ºC): 2 weeks.

Produced in EU. 

Sugar (44%), bitter orange pulp (30%), pulp from sweet oranges (10%), lemon pulp (10%), water, orange and lemon juice (from concentrate), thickening agent: Pectin.

Energy692 kJ/163 kcal
Fat0 g
– of which saturates0 g
Carbohydrates39 g
– of which sugars38 g
Protein0,5 g
Salt0,03 g